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Judith's office


Reverend Judith Star-Medicine is a Full Trance Medium, professional Astrologer and
Shaman specializing in Spiritual Alchemy. A hereditary psychic, Judith was mentored
from childhood by Merlin, who she continues to channel today, sharing his teachings
with clients around the world. Judith’s practice includes Aromatherapy, Tarot readings,
Astrology (both Natal and Progressed horoscopes, including Transits) Medical Intuitive
readings, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing
bowls, as well as Soul Retrieval and Extractions.

Ceiling and staircase in Judith's home

Judith works from her home in Kingston, New York, a Magical Crystal Cave in the
beautiful Catskill Mountains with 35 tons of Calcite Crystals embedded in the ceiling,
which create a powerful healing vibration for all who enter.
Judith blends a number of worldwide Shamanic traditions -- Native, Taoist and
European -- to create a unique language of healing that speaks to empowering others at
their soul’s own frequency. She teaches and embraces Living from the Heart and
discovering one’s True Path, Inner Alchemy and Source.