Restoring Trust

During a reading with Merlin this week, he explained the difference between Faith and Trust, and their relationship to the Root Chakra. Merlin explained that it is possible to have a deep faith in God, Source, the Universe, whatever name we give the Divine, while at the same time finding it difficult to trust that we are loved, and will always be upheld by that Principle. I want to share Merlin’s perspective on this, as it feels extremely important, an answer to a question many of us struggle with: “Why, in spite of my spiritual work and healing, are some areas of my life still blocked?” Let’s look at the definition of the word “Trust”.

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I chose Realgar to accompany this month’s teaching “Restoring Trust”, because above all other Stones, Realgar is the Master Alchemist regarding identity, our perceptions of ourselves, of the world, and life. Realgar is an Arsenic Sulfide. Not much is written about it in Crystal Books, but it is well known as a transformative agent in ancient Taoist traditions, going all the way back to the 6th Century, where Taoist Priests used it for its powerful alchemical properties.

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Welcome to Judith

Welcome to Judith, a Sacred Space for all who are led here to experience the beauty of the Stone People and their healing gifts. It is a Sacred Space to experience the healing power of the Stars, of Earth Mother, of our Brothers and Sisters who are the Four-Leggeds and Winged Ones. It is a Sacred Space to recover, discover and uncover the magic that is uniquely you, gifted to you by the Creator. This place is intended for you to just BE, with images and sounds to lift your consciousness, monthly teachings to inspire you and, ultimately, a place that lifts and opens your heart. My prayer is that this space heals and blesses all who enter. Whether you find something you'd love to purchase or not, may you find peace and a safe refuge in the Light.

Reverend Judith Star-Medicine
She Who Heals With Stars”

Woman's Prayer

Ho, Great Spirit, Ancestors, Guides and Teachers.
I am she who heals with stars. Hear me and be with me on my path of Heart and Service, creating Safe and Sacred space for those here today.

We call upon you for your wisdom, and your teachings about our Woman Medicine. Hear our prayers. I am she: the Guardian of the Children of the earth. Help me to be the Eternal Mother, embracing all in need, including myself. Hear my prayers. I am she: the Guardian of the Animals. Teach me to always be in right relationship with all living things. Hear my prayers. I am she: the Guardian of the Crystal and Stone people.

Teach me to use their gifts and teachings wisely, for the good of all. Hear my prayers. I am she: the Guardian of Family and Community, help me to uphold my loved ones and friends with compassion and patience. Hear my prayers. I am she: Guardian of the Violet Flame; let me be a living lighthouse and beacon to all souls.
Hear my prayers.

I am she: Guardian of the Love that is God within myself... may I discover and treasure my true magic, live my vision, and know always my true worth. Hear my prayers. May I always remember the truth of these words: I am she.

channeled by Reverend Judith Star-Medicine, April 2001